Thursday, January 31, 2008


Hardly profound...

Most non-Americans (and all leftists) would like to see America's next president be someone who does not support the interests of America [!]. The same situation, of course, does not apply when other countries' citizens consider the stance of their own leaders and their countries' interests.

Sunday, January 27, 2008


Whiners for the Non-revolution

Marx's "revolutionary" socialist philosophy has always been, and continues to be, more of a standard for some members of the pampered and whining middle class than anything even vaguely associated with "oppressed" people or workers. It's been ultimately about wresting power for unproductive authoritarian personalities and enslaving those who stand in their way. While feminist and "civil rights" ideologues still rally to it's phony enchantments, it is still the product of a dead white male's personal resentments. Marxism is about as "revolutionary" as a dogma calling for a return to feudalism and rule by kings.

Friday, January 18, 2008


The Good, The Bad, ...And The Lazy Weasels Who Side With The Bad

What if the progress, safety, and security of family, friends and self were at stake in the perennial confrontation with fanatics, parasites, and power-mongers – as has been the case so many times throughout history?

...and standing between the continuance of a dynamic free civilization and it's demise was a generation or two of weak-willed, unprincipled spoiled brats who's only act of moral courage was snowboarding, burning CDs, playing video games, and collecting checks from their parents.

Welcome to the post Baby-boom surrender and the tragic end of moral courage, common decency, and sanity.

As has been the case many times in human history; there is good, bad, and the pathetic weasels who merely cheer on the bad and spout their disdain for all that is good. "The worst are full of passionate intensity."

* For those who like to micro-critique the fine points, this is a rhetorical statement. I know that merely snowboarding does not constitute an act of evil or compliance with bad – and, it's stupid that I need to even point this out but I've become used to the left's (cultural and otherwise) inability to fathom "broad brush generalizations" as generally symbolic of a condition or circumstance.

Thursday, January 17, 2008


The Horrors of Imperial Choices -- for Jet-set Socialists

Some people in Japan (mostly foreigners from pampered backgrounds in the west) think that McDonald's and Starbucks are an American "Imperial" threat.

Just wait till they have a local Chinese Communist Party "franchise" with monopoly control over the local spirit (and if that occurs – as it could in some future time (courtesy of China) -- just don't ask for choices like a latte or grande Mocha...and definitely not a choice in political parties).

Saturday, January 12, 2008


Ambiguity in Blogging

...'Back from a splendid holiday but not yet back to reality.

I may post something again, maybe not; maybe soon, maybe the distant future.

In any event. Do have a happy new year...

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